Solve Your Wastewater Problems With a Septic System

Choose us for your septic system installation in Claremore, OK

Wastewater Solutions of Oklahoma, LLC can handle every aspect of your septic system installation. We'll inspect your current setup and determine the best process for putting in your new septic tank. Installations usually take from one to two days.

Once we've finished the installation, we'll check everything to make sure it's installed properly. Our systems are reliable and long-lasting. Each aerobic treatment system comes with a two-year warranty, and we can extend your warranty plan after the first two years.

Call now to arrange for a septic system installation in Claremore, OK.

Plan your septic installation with us

Plan your septic installation with us

We do conventional septic installation work as well as aerobic treatment system installations. You can get any make or model of septic system from us. We'll inform you about your new system and give you advice on taking care of it. We'll also explain how you can tell if your system needs maintenance.

There might be a problem with your septic system if you notice:

  • Wastewater coming back up through drains
  • Puddles and mud around your septic system
  • Strong odors coming from the drainfield
These might be signs that you need a new system. Contact us now to ask about your septic installation options in Claremore, OK.